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Hey there! My name is Victoria Garcia, and I’m so excited to be an AE Spring Intern.

New AE Spring Intern

As a senior in high school, I was eager to receive college acceptance letters and make my way out of my hometown. I applied anywhere and everywhere hoping to at least make it out of the Dallas metroplex. After receiving some enticing offers, I quickly came to realize that I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do.

During a tearful conversation with my parents, I decided that community college would allow me the time to decide what my path would be. Reluctantly, I spent two years at Collin College; a stone’s throw away from home. Seventeen-year-old Victoria was crushed as her traditional college dreams shattered, but with time I have learned that everything truly happens for a reason.

Picking a Path

It was while taking a strategic communications class that I fell in love with advertising, a career that up until that point I knew nothing about. Upon transferring to the University of North Texas, I finally felt a sense of direction. I jumped directly into my courses with an open mind and could finally see myself making a living out of something that interested me.

Joining the UNT Advertising Team for the National Student Advertising Competition allowed me to work on a campaign with others, and during Ad Club meetings I was able to geek out about all thing advertising. I genuinely valued my time at UNT. I love the professors that challenged me, even though they were often the source of my frustration and lack of sleep.

Now a recent UNT graduate, with the exception of this internship credit, I am finally hoping to find my own place in the industry. The ad world is a perfect medley of media, journalism, math, and creativity, and I am determined to figure out where I fit in all the madness. Agency Entourage will be my first time outside of the classroom setting, and now more than ever, I am ready to learn from the AE Team.

If you’re interested in an internship with AE or have any questions, please email info@agencyentourage.com for more information.

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