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As a fresh-faced college graduate, the idea of going out into the “real” world was both an exciting and daunting thought. My parents, peers and professors all tried to prepare me for the journey ahead but no one could truly tell me what to anticipate. As the days inched nearer to graduation, the prospect of finding a job looked grim but no matter, as we say here in Texas, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and started out on the job hunt.

After numerous rejection emails and “no positions available” responses, I finally found my glimmer of hope in Agency Entourage. I walked into the office and was instantly greeted with smiling faces and the feeling of home. I left the interview knowing that AE was not only the place I wanted to work but the place I HAD to work.
So, who is this girl chatting at you?
Recently, I graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.A. in Journalism. I stumbled into Advertising through a chance of fate after interning with Hill Country News and the SXSW marketing team. Outside of my day job, I have a passion for movies. It wouldn’t be an uncommon occurrence to find me hunkered down in a theater somewhere on the weekends.
Fun Facts:
  • Every paycheck I receive, I purchase a movie. Or 3. Or 5.
  • My eyes change color based on what I’m wearing or if I’m sick.
  • I love seeking out and eating at hole-in-the-wall restaurants.
  • My second newest job is being an Aunt.
  • I am an avid coffee drinker.
Thank you to everyone for allowing me to be a part of the AE family and for providing me with my own coffee mug to further my coffee addiction! I look forward to working here.

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