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Nobody wants to spend extra money that they don’t have to, right? Then why would you create a Facebook ad that is poorly targeted and not getting in front of precisely who you want it to reach? Facebook allows you to pin point users through precise interests, topic targeting and broad category targeting. These tools allow you to connect directly with the people that are most likely to be interested in what your brand has to say. If you’re going to spend money and take the time to run a Facebook ad, know the features that can help you get noticed.

1. Precise Interests
Precise Interests are the likes and interests that Facebook user have chosen to share on their profiles. For example, let’s say we’re looking to target Texas Rangers fans. We can do this by adding precise interests. In the example below you’ll see that I’ve selected to target people who are connected to the Texas Rangers fan page, Texas Rangers Fans fan page, as well as the pages of some of the star players on the Rangers roster like Nelson Cruz and Josh Hamilton. Precise Interest Targeting is best used for targeting a very specific group of people. If you want to get niche, this is your silver bullet.


2. Topic Targeting
Topics, as they’re referred to on Facebook, are represented with a # symbol similar to Twitter’s hashtag. Topic Targeting  allows you to cross precise interests that may be related to allow for easier targeting. For example, a “#Texas Rangers (baseball” topic will target users people with Precise Interests such as
“Texas Rangers”, “Texas Rangers Fans” and “Josh Hamilton”. Topics are available through the Precise Interests
selection box.

If your target audience is likely to have a particular set of interests,  Topic Targeting is a simple way to reach your customers without having to scour your brain to think of every single relevant term individually.


3. Broad Category Targeting
Broad Category Targeting takes into account user interests as well as other profile content to create very wide-sweeping groups to target. With Broad Category Targeting, interests like “Texas Rangers” would be lumped into a category for people who like “Baseball”
or even “Sports” as a whole.

Broad Category Targeting is best used if you want your ad to reach a range of people with similar interest without getting too detailed. Broad Category Targeting also picks up groups of Facebook user groups such as newlyweds and mobile users, that can’t be select using the other targeting features. Unfortunately, when you select Broad Category Targeting you can’t combine it with  Precise Interest and Topic Targeting.

Have you ever created a Facebook ad with little to no expected results? Or are you considering launching your very first Facebook ad campaign? Agency Entourage can help you create ads that speak directly to your target market and get your brand noticed.


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