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Think about your favorite film. Now, think about your favorite YouTube video. One thing the two probably have in common is that they both tell a story. Figuring out how to achieve great storytelling through video can be daunting, but there are a few tips we use to create a narrative that tells the story of our clients. Here are three ways that we use storytelling techniques to create compelling videos.

  • We always have a clear beginning, middle and end. This is something that is true of storytelling in all mediums. Though it may not be apparent immediately, most successful videos on YouTube have a clear statement that is reinforced at the end. This gives the viewer a “prompt” which lets them know what to expect, and an ending which gives them completion.
  • We always allow the visual to support the narrative. When we’re crafting a video for our clients, we always try to allow video and other images to be the star. Let the voice-over make the video pop. Watching someone sit in a chair for one or two minutes is rarely exciting, so switch it up!
  • We don’t underestimate the power of intentional editing. When you don’t have any text or voice-overs available to construct your narrative, use music and the order of your clips to tell your story. Check out this video I shot a few weekends ago at a 5K run:
    Notice how even though there is no narration or dialogue, you can tell the progression of the race and how it felt to be there? This is conveyed mainly through the pacing of edits and swells of the music.
At Agency Entourage we’re committed to telling our client’s story. We have solutions designed to fit a variety of budgets. Give us a call at 214.414.3035 to get the ball rolling on your video!

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