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Subscribers Only

One of the great features of Wordpress that is useful for any social media management is the ability to limit content to only some people. For many reasons, you might choose to produce some content that you freely give to any visitors of your blog or website but choose to reserve other content just for Subscribers.

You might think that you need a complex, highly secure paywall system to implement something like this, but it can be as easy as adding a plugin into Wordpress

A plugin called ‘Subscribers Only Content’ can allow you to do just that. Simply install the plugin into your Wordpress Plugins directory, activate it inside as an Admin of your Wordpress and then whenever you are adding a New Post or a New Page, you will see a new box at the bottom of the sidebar that looks like the picture here. Just check that box and you can limit that content to be viewed only by Subscribers.

Now, if you turn off ‘Anyone Can Subscribe’ in your General Settings you can treat your Subscriber list as a list of the inside group eligible for exclusive content. Just add people to your Subscriber list and they will be able to access the exclusive content with the login information you give them.

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