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NPR photostrip

One of the best things about SXSW is the ability to really connect with brands in a face to face environment. Anytime you head to a trade show or conference the cheap giveaways and swag are plentiful. The great news about this year though, is that companies are looking for ways to connect with customers in the physical world.

Here are a few of the companies that are doing a great job creating a real world experience to keep loyalty in the digital world.

Nat Geo 80’s party  #natgeo

National Geographic is doing a great job connecting all the things we remember about the 80’s by giving us physical connections to them. Around every corner there are slinkys, Max Headrom shades and old school vehicles like the General Lee to make us feel like we are looking back at the past.

This physical world experience that peaked at an 80’s party last night is a great way for us to live the eighties and anticipate the TV series to come.

Google – The Star Trek computer is where Google is headed #asksinghal

Technology ultimately should not interrupt life, but make it easier. The goal is to go out and experience the physical world in relationships and events, and the technology just enhances that experience. We should not be distrarcted by the things we create but find ways for them to make our experiences more fufilling.

“I believe search is going to do for education what calculators did for math. Remove the mundane so we can concentrate on furthering our knowledge.” -Singhal

NPR Party – experience the music with Next Gen #sxswgl

As brands spend time trying to compete for the future generation’s attention, experiential events have been a big part of creating an emotional attachment. There arguably is no bigger emotional stirring experience than music. @NPRAustin did a great job with their Generation Listen event last night by featuring a young artist, to a young crowd while still supporting their brand of eduction and thoughfulness.

They featured popular up and coming personalities on the station, featured Agency Entourage’s social photo booth to create buzz on twitter and Facebook, and ended with a concert with artist Robert DeLong.


Connecting at events, and physical experiences are what drive emotion, and are what will continue to drive brands in the foreseeable future.

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