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SXSW AE Gets Weird
Agency Entourage is traveling back to SXSW Interactive this week. We’re so excited! Are you sure you’re ready to attend? Luckily for you, we’ve been attending SXSW Interactive for years. Here are some battle-hardened tips on how to take everything in at SXSW.

Battle-Hardened Tips For Attending SXSW Interactive

“In every session I attend, I always sit in between two people I don’t already know. SXSW is about serendipity. We’ve landed clients this way. We’ve secured VIP invitations to highly sought after rooftop parties this way. We’ve met friends from Ireland this way. It’s contagious. There’s a compound effect to meeting new people this way. If you take this approach you’re guaranteed to meet two new people at every session you attend. Do the math. If you go to six sessions a day, for five straight days, you’ll meet 60 new people.”
– Ben Randolph

Sign up to be a mentor. Give back. If you have an expertise in your particular field, offer up your knowledge to the community. Help someone at SXSW advance their path quicker by giving them your knowledge.
-Brandon Dowdy           

Spend half of a day in the Startup Village. That’s where you’ll see the bleeding edge business models and product ideas. It’s a true glimpse into where our culture is moving.”
– Michael Haake


We’re all pretty familiar with the city of Austin and its slogan, ‘Keep Austin Weird’. That’s why this year Agency Entourage is getting weird during our annual trip to SXSW. We’ll be keeping an eye out for new ideas and networking opportunities.

We have seven team members attending this year. Each of us will be going to an array of sessions in hopes of gaining insight to our clients’ respective fields and upcoming trends. Follow our team with #AEGetsWeird to see all the action this week!

Must Have Apps:
We asked our team what apps they’ll be using this year and compiled a list here:

Receive all updates on SXSW by installing the app filled with events and exclusives.
Whatsapp, FindMyFriends
Stay in contact with your friends. Know where everyone is and share the knowledge you gain with your team.
Send short, group video messages while you explore downtown Austin.
With Austin traffic peaking day and night, keep your options open with ride-sharing.
Follow our team on Instagram:

Venmo, Paypal, Google Wallet
Use these online alternatives to cash and debits cards.

Now that you have all of these SXSW essentials and apps, the next thing you need to do is research. Facing SXSW head-on can be a beast, so plan out your weekend in advance. Find out which speakers, sessions, and events you want to attend to get insights on the most innovative ideas and practices. SXSW is all about sharing ideas and creating connections that you last past the conference. There are plenty of opportunities and it’s up to you to make the most out of it.

Follow our SXSW journey this week with #AEGetsWeird. We hope to see you there!

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