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Brian Solis and Ben Randolph

2016 South by Southwest (SXSW) rooftop event for Brian Solis.  Photo: @agencyentourage

South by Southwest isn’t about the events, it is about kindling old relationships and letting serendipity create new ones.  Each year there are a smattering of rooftop parties, sessions and networking events to choose from at SXSW.  I enjoy spending time with friends and sharing ideas and discussing where our culture is evolving.  The one thing I’ve loved about Brian through the years is that he is big picture.  Sure, he’ll talk about Facebook’s latest algorithm, but we enjoy talking big picture.  Things like how technology is changing the way we “experience” brands.  Or discussing cultural movements caused by disruptive business models.

Evening number one in the bag and I had the chance to toast champagne with my author buddy, Brian Solis (Twitter: @briansolis), to celebrate his latest book, X! The Experience When Business Meets Design.  Today I’m off to see what serendipity has in store.

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