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1. When Negative Nancy is the first person to respond to that question on Facebook we were SO excited about asking. If you don’t like sushi then WHY do you follow a Japanese restaurant on Facebook?

2. WE GET IT: Buzzfeed isn’t “technically” client research, but how do you expect us to avoid clicking when our days are spent scanning Tweets and statuses!? (plus it definitely served as the inspiration for this Blog article).

3. Accidentally scheduling a post for September 25, 2014 and being totally weirded out when the post doesn’t appear as planned that day. Take a hint, Facebook. NO ONE is scheduling their 2014 content yet.

4. Searching high and low for a brand’s Twitter account. You know it exists, but it takes what seems like 10 years to find out the handle was the CEO’s son’s dog. “@muffy: representing dog food everywhere.”

5. Why are there #trending #topics on #Facebook again? Will it give us better engagement? Better reach? So many questions.

6. American Airlines making the rest of us look bad. While their business model may not save the world, someone is scraping Twitter with a FINE-TOOTHED COMB.

7. Instagramming while forgetting you’re logged in to your client’s account. Nothing more to say except, there’s nowhere to go but up.

8. When something big happens in the news and the first thing you think is, I have to cancel my brand’s self-promoting post! I can’t end up like Epicurious!

9. How many times is it socially acceptable to ask your existing social media community to help you reach the next follower milestone?

10. AND lastly….no LIKES? No comments? BUT that was the best post ever! We’ve ALL been there.

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