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Content is everything. To sell your content, you need to create something that people will want to buy, show off and preserve. Whether it is a commodity or a necessity in your everyday life, you want to consider design. Design ranges from many things; mobile phones to automobiles and even everyday home and office products use visual design.

Design is everywhere!

It looks overwhelming. To start you up, here are the guidelines you want to consider to create a strong, original design, also known as The 5 C’s of Design.

You need to crave simplicity. People are put off if the design is complex and doesn’t communicate the message.

Aside from being clear, it also has to be concise. The message has to be brief and comprehensive so people can understand your design quickly.

For visuals, there has to be some contrast among elements to create harmonious piece. People with bad eyesight or color blindness might not discern the images before them. 

This one combines other elements of design as well. Use colors only when necessary, create a palette and stick with it. If you use harsh colors or dull colors, combine them with a color that complements it. Don’t overuse elements if they’re not necessary. Gradients, animations, shadows and other ‘bells and whistles’ should help your design, not break it.
And the most important tip is….



Photo Credit: http://designthinkingworkshop2011.wordpress.com/

Be creative in your design. Have fun with the brand and think of ways to step outside the box. Rules are meant to be broken sometimes so don’t limit yourself to these tips if the design can stand on its own and communicates your message successfully.

Do you need help executing the 5 C’s in your design? Our design team has the capability to take your business to the next level. Call Agency Entourage (214) 414-3035; we’d be glad to discuss your needs and how our services could help.

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