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AAF Magazine Day

May 15th was an exciting day at Agency Entourage as a group went to AAF’s 15th annual Magazine Day luncheon. The luncheon began with a trade show, where we were offered free issues of virtually every publication in the DFW area.

The trade show was a great opportunity to see the vast array of magazines available, as well as learn about advertising in the print world. This was an excellent opportunity to expand our thinking and see the “other” side of the advertising world.

As the luncheon began, we heard from three amazing speakers regarding the digital world’s impact on traditional print media and, specifically, advertising in magazines.

First up was Linda Mason, Executive Vice President of Marketing for MPA, the Association of Magazine Media. Linda explained some surprising consumer behavioral trends and their impact on magazine readership and engagement.

Next up was Lee Applbaum, Chief Marketing Officer for Patron Spirits International AG. Lee gave a wonderful presentation on the way magazine advertisements fit into Patron’s overall content marketing strategy, and how marketers can better utilize print advertisements in complement to digital marketing efforts.

Last up to bat was Mia Meachem, Vice President of Marketing for Neiman Marcus. Mia’s informative speech emphasised the importance of cross-media accountability, specifically how advertisers are measuring the impact of their advertising investments and how that affects their budgeting process and overall marketing strategy.

With a great meal in our stomachs, free magazines in our hands and a wealth of valuable information overflowing our minds, the Agency Entourage team left Magazine Day much richer for the experience.

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