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It has only been a week since launching, but Instagram Videos have already made their way well into our feed. Social media is no doubt beneficial for companies and brands, but like crude humor, there is a right place and right time for it. In a quick snap or 15 second video brands can either amuse thousands of people or leave a fan’s finger lingering over the unfollow button.

Social media expertise isn’t inherently embodied in a Gen Y kid or recent college graduate. To really understand the difference between insight and annoyance on social media, experts have narrowed down what works and what doesn’t work to a science.

Here are some examples of what brands are doing right and what they are doing wrong:

1. DON’T: Quantity over quality: Posting a stream of photos and videos that aren’t as interesting may lead to followers unfollowing you.

    DO: Be consistent. Instead of uploading multiple videos at one time from sporadic events, upload one or two photos that truly capture what you are trying to show your audience.


2. DON’T: Hashtagging an absurd amount of tags to gain followers.

     DO: Uploading your Instagram to platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook is a great way to get your account noticed. An article from Wishpond states, “You just need to connect two accounts and your Facebook friends will see it and they can start following you on Instagram. Usually 3-5% of your Facebook friends will start following you on Instagram. You can start to post a status update on Facebook asking people to follow you on Instagram and it could increase that number to 5-7%.” Kate Spade does a great job of posting to their Tumblr to engage fans.


3. DON’T: Don’t use Instagram solely for advertising. Although advertising can be done on almost any social outlet, this is extremely true for Instagram due to the visual capabilities, but should be avoided.

     DO: Instead of directly advertising your brand with visuals, use Instagram in more creative ways like a contest or in ways your fans can physically get involved with your account. This is not only beneficial for your brand’s engagement, but using a designated hashtag for you contest or idea will make it easy for you to track your success.


Better branding through social media will create positive sentiment and further success for you brand. But without establishing a complete understanding of social media marketing your brand may end up being less of a social butterfly and more of a pesky fly. Interested in how you can help your blog in the social sphere and online marketing services, click here.


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