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Agency Entourage and The Hunger GamesDid you see The Hunger Games this weekend? If not, you’re one of the few that can actually say that. Of course I saw it, but if you’ve been following my Agency Entourage blog posts, that probably comes as no surprise to you. I’m a true lover of pop culture. I’ve been a die hard Harry Potter fan since the first book came out when I was in 5th grade and yes, I fell victim to the Twilight Saga, too.

With the wide popularity of all three books, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, I knew that the movie was going to be a hit…I just didn’t expect it to be this big of a hit.

Opening weekend, The Hunger Games grossed approximately $19.7 million dollars from its midnight premiere showings alone. Its total opening weekend earnings of $155 million dollars earned it the third biggest opening weekend ever. The only two films to out do it are Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 and The Dark Knight.

This film took the social media world by storm through Lionsgate’s online promotion campaign and the mass amount of fan buzz. Jennifer Lawrence, Rue, Peeta, and Catching Fire are just a few of The Hunger Games related topics that were trending shortly after the midnight premieres got underway.

See some of the top Hunger Games related tweets in Mashable’s article, “Twitter Review ‘The Hunger Games’ in 140 Characters or Less.”

I’m not a basketball fan by any stretch of the imagination, unless it’s Aggie basketball of course, but even I can’t escape the craziness that is March Madness! If I’m not reading about it on Facebook or Twitter, I’m overhearing talks of the winning and losing teams in public or seeing it play on TVs everywhere I look.

Did you know that 20% of March Madness Traffic Comes from Smartphones? Neither did I! At least not until a study from comScore, via Mashable Tech, informed me on the subject.

Giving it the catchy nickname “March multi-screen madness,” comScore is reporting that more than 20% of the online viewership of March Madness has occurred via a smartphone or tablet thus far in the tournament. This is a figure that is about double the views of non-sports content.

While the rest of the world was all about The Hunger Games and March Madness this weekend, were you tuning in to the one and only Mad Men? I’m both sad and shocked to admit that I have yet to watch this show, but I plan I to watch all of the seasons just as soon as my schedule allows, or my current shows go on hiatus for the summer…whichever comes first!

According to a Mashable article, the highly anticipated Mad Men season five premiere created more discussion in the social media world than any other premiere in 2012 with 106,000 comments from 64,000 users.

For all of you Mad Men loyal fans out there, here’s an article from Mashable Entertainment that you’re sure to enjoy: “11 Hilarious ‘Mad Men’ Parody Twitter Accounts.”

If you had to choose one, which would it be: The Hunger Games, March Madness, or Mad Men?

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