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Last year when Facebook rolled out large Cover Photos for brand pages, it came with an additional list of image guidelines to keep brands from using their Cover Photo real estate as advertising space (Facebook frowns upon not getting a cut of any and all advertising dollars).

Well now they’ve updated the Cover Photo policy again to make it crystal clear that you can’t just use that space any way you want. The new policy states that text on Facebook Cover Photos and Facebook Ads is limited to only 20% of the image area.

Until now the Cover Photo guidelines have been ambiguous and rarely enforced. However Facebook has since made it clear that they will be cracking down on Pages that break the rules. When coming up with your social media strategy, knowing the rules matter. As a top Dallas digital marketing agency, Agency Entourage  pays close attention to trends like this to ensure that our client’s campaigns are always up to speed with the latest social guidelines.

Take a look at your Facebook page, are you in violation? Here’s a 20% cheat sheet to help you determine whether or not the Facebook police are coming for you!

facebook cover photo rule

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