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If you are like 30.6 million other people, you watched the Super Bowl this weekend. It was a night full of ups (Beyonce!) and downs (Power Outage!), but the real action was on Twitter and Facebook. Here are three of the biggest winners of the night (not counting the Ravens).

1. Jay-Z. Shortly after Beyonce took the stage and the lights in the stadium went out, Jay-Z tweeted:

His tweet, which came from an account that has only 38 tweets and over two million followers, quickly rocketed around the internet, garnering almost 40,000 retweets. The “any questions??” portion of his tweet references Beyonce’s performance at a Super Bowl press conference last week, concerning her “lip-syncing” controversy at the Inauguration earlier this year.

2. Taco Bell. During the game Taco Bell premiered a commercial featuring a group of old people busting out of a retirement home for a night of craziness, punctuated with a stop at Taco Bell and a spanish version of Fun’s hit “We Are Young.” After this trippy, slow-motion commercial aired, mentions of Taco Bell jumped 140,000%, making it the second most talked about commercial of the evening.


3. Oreo. As mentioned earlier, shortly after Beyonce’s performance the lights abruptly shut off at the Superdome. Oreo’s marketing agency went into high gear and churned out this ad, which was retweed over 10,000 times within minutes of it being posted:

4. Bonus! Check out this video Shaq tweeted of himself singing along to Beyonce’s performance during the game.

Which messages resonated strongly with you? Let us know in the comment section!

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