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The test below is designed to analyze your shopping center’s social media campaign. Simply check off the questions that apply to your property and find out what you’re doing right and what areas need improvement.

Before you start, open your shopping center’s website, Facebook page and Twitter page in your web browser. At the end of the test, we’ll grade your social media campaign based on these three media outlets. Good Luck!


__ Does your website have a directory tab?
__ Does your website have buttons that redirect people to your shopping center’s Facebook and Twitter pages?
__ Do you have a blog on your website that is updated at least once a month?
__ Does your website have an email newsletter that people can sign up for?
__ Is there an area where people can see your shopping center’s hours of operation?
__ Do you have a map that shows people how to get to your shopping center?


__ Does your Facebook page have a custom URL?
__ Do you have any custom tabs? (Coupons, Deals, Welcome, etc.)
__ Have you posted something at least five times in the past seven days?
__ Have at least three people commented on any of your posts in the past seven days?
__ Do you “Like” all of your tenants?
__ Do you have at least one more fan than you did one week ago?
__ Does your Facebook page have a directory of stores?
__ Are there more than ten photos under your photos tab?
__ Do any of your posts in the past three days pose a question?


__ Are all of your Twitter posts different from your Facebook posts? (Same content, but different wording is okay)
__ Is there an “at” sign (@) or hashtag (#) in every one of your Twitter posts?
__ Do you follow back the people who are following you? (Following > Followers)
__ Have you posted something at least five times in the last seven days?
__ Do you have a picture or logo in the background of your Twitter page?

Now, let’s see how you did. Count up all of the check marks you have, and take a look at how your social media campaign ranks on our scale.

18-20 – “A” – You are actively engaging with your target audience and have a good social media strategy in place.

15-17 – “B” – Your social media campaign needs a few touch ups, but is still somewhat effective.

12-14 – “C” – Your social media campaign needs some work. You might consider getting a professional to help with your campaign.

11 and under – “F” – You either don’t have a social media campaign, or you’re trailing far behind your competition in your efforts. Get some help as soon as possible.

So, how’d you do? Did you pass? If so, feel free to share your results and attach a link to your shopping center’s website. On the other hand, if your campaign didn’t score as high as you expected, we still want to hear about your marketing efforts. Send us an email, and let’s turn your shopping center’s social media strategy into a “winning” campaign.

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