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Hi! My name is Jacquelyn Gammon, but you can call me JQ. I am a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington entering my (alleged) last semester. Public Relations is my Major, Marketing is my Minor and additionally, I am obtaining an Emerging Media Certificate. As Agency Entourage’s spring 2019 intern, I am incredibly excited to begin this new year!

Looking from the Clouds

My journey to university was a bit of whirlwind; originally hailing from Houston, Texas, my ultimate goal was to leave Texas as soon as possible. My escape plan was the University of Oregon. A bit of a hippie, I had never found myself charmed by southern hospitality, and I desired to trade in the flat, lifeless Houston landscape for the airy mountains and greenery of the Pacific Northwest. However, after some financial aid issues, I found myself only four hours from home, as opposed to 30. Most surprisingly, I had fallen in love with my new home in Arlington.

The question of what to do with my life plagued me like any other millennial striving to make an impact in the world and make a substantial living, all the while still being happy. I have always lived with my head in the clouds, and as much as my mum constantly told me I needed to come back down to earth, I never wanted to: I liked the view from the clouds too much. I have fostered a passion for public relations and marketing since I realized that it was a field that didn’t want to keep you grounded but instead encouraged you to fly with even your craziest ideas.

Moving Forward

Since embarking on the path of public relations, I have been offered a multitude of opportunities that have helped me build my skill set and secure the notion that this is what I want to do with my life. I have also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people, who have been generous enough to take me under their wing and help me grow in this profession.

I have always had the mindset that as long as you work hard and keep an open mind, the universe will open itself up to you and take you where you need to be. Fortunately, this has yet to fail me.

About Me

When I’m not working or focusing on school, you can find me with a coffee in my hand or outside. I love running (and not just away from my problems), as well as hiking, climbing, and exploring. I find that being out in nature helps revitalize and inspire me. With so much going in everyday life, it strikes a balance within the chaos. I am also a very dedicated plant mom, so you can catch me reading all the latest succulent blogs.

I cannot wait to continue to learn and grow in this new role here at Agency Entourage. It is an incredible blessing to be in such a creative and stimulating environment every week, surrounded by individuals who encourage you to fly with even your craziest ideas.


Are you interested in interning with Agency Entourage like JQ? Contact internships@agencyentourage.com for more information!

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