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About a month ago Pinterest released a statement on their blog announcing a pinteresting plan for the future with promoted pins. Pinterest founder and CEO Ben Silbermann ensured his pin-addicted fans the ads would be “tasteful, transparent and relevant.” With promoted pins, the idea is to allow businesses to insert their own pins into search results and category feeds in a way that doesn’t feel like advertising, because they aren’t flashy banner ads or pop-ups, but rather relevant items designed to mirror pinner’s interests.

Brands must post content that is similar with what pinners are already pinning, sorry John Do Law Firm, but your law firm isn’t something these trendy, crafting and creative pinners are pinning. As more of an anti-social network due to users typically following aesthetically pleasing “things” they like rather than people/brands they like (unless they like people based on what they wear, cook/bake plan to cook/bake etc), Pinterest’s promoted pins will be more consistent and filtered, unlike Facebook.

Promoted pins could also work well for start up non-profit organization products like Indosole because not only is this a product we would already typically see on Pinterest but also with the promoted pins information button, the pinner would be able to gather more information about the company’s good cause which would hopefully lead to some type of transaction.

This process is still in the works (that’s why you’re not seeing you Pinterest dashboard full of promoted pins, yet), which means it is a great time to start strategic planning. If you’re pinning as a business, which pins of yours have been repined the most? Why? Is it because it’s the bright color that pulled the pinner in? Was it the photography that is visual appealing? What do your Pinterest analytics look like and are your Rich Pins optimized? Figuring out which pins are your most popular are a great way to start planning. Similar to any other campaign, generating a specific content strategy is very crucial if a brand wants to succeed in promoted pins.

If you see your brand as a company that would benefit from creating a strategic Pinterest plan call Agency Entourage. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we work with clients to build a successful and suiting marketing plan to reach goals and business objectives.

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