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“If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?”

You laugh, but the metaphor remains relevant. There is nothing more frustrating than building something amazing only to have a lackluster launch because of the promotional efforts. We’ve all seen a new neighborhood shop, store or restaurant approach eventual demise due to a lack of strategy, foresight and old fashioned word-of-mouth brand building. A new commercial or residential development is no different. Creating “buzz” for a new development is vital to its core success. Here are three ways to build an online community prior to the real thing.

1. It’s Never too Early to Start

As soon as the development has been approved and a timeline has been set in place, we recommend outlining a marketing strategy. Knowing whom you are trying to attract and through which media platform will ensure that your message will be concise, on target and delivered through the most efficient means possible.

2. Go Social

A full-scale digital marketing strategy is a great way to target potential tenants and residents quickly and efficiently. Don’t be afraid to think beyond Facebook and Twitter. Many other social platforms provide smarter places for niche content. Now videos, photos, design tips and article sharing don’t have to get lost on the Facebook news feed or Twitter stream. Our interactive producers are constantly seeking the best digital marketing strategies and methods to share information so that it falls in the hands of the people who will see it and then share it with their existing communities. After all, doesn’t that put the social in social media?

3. Don’t Hide Your Pages

It’s also crucial to remember that once your buzz-generating pages have been established, there must be consistent follow through. Let your website visitors know where else they can find your content. See the examples below from Levi’sTarget and Redbull, three brands who do social media the right way:


Every time a potential buyer comes in contact with your brand, he or she should know where else they are able to like or follow you online. This will help you create brand ambassadors and ensure lasting success long before your grand opening.

Best of luck! Let us know if we can help you create the right buzz for your new development by calling our full-scale digital marketing agency in Dallas, Tx at (214) 414-3035. We look forward to hearing from you!

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