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In today’s world, video goes hand-in-hand with any successful marketing campaign. There are many social platforms that should be used when building a campaign. How can you stick out in this social jungle with your campaign?

Well, an easy way to catch the attention of your audience is simply through video. It’s a quick way to get to the point and visually display your message (while hopefully entertaining your customers).

As a video specialist I’m responsible for being on top of:

  • New video editing and trends
  • Mastering new equipment (I started flying drones for video purposes this year)
  • Figuring out a creative way to tell a story.

Learning everything always takes a good amount of time. But, you’re in luck. There are some really good websites that can speed up your process, teach you any kind of new software, and quickly improve the overall quality of your project.

Here are three websites that can quickly improve your projects:

1. Lynda.com

There are many ways to learn software on the web, but none compare to Lynda.com. This website is by far the best one offered on because the vast amount of content available. Not only do they offer video-based tutorials but they also have tutorials for photography, marketing, audio, business, music and much more. The monthly cost is only $30.00 a month. The price is a true bargain because each tutorial comes with a video presentation and project files that you can download.

You’ll go through a step-by-step process as you follow the visual presentation. Making it a hands-on learning experience. The best part about this website is that each tutorial is taught to you by an industry professional.

2. MotionVFX.com

Motion graphics are a must in video production these days. Everything you see on TV or the web has some sort of fancy motion graphics involved. Sometimes commercials are completely made of motion graphics and nothing else. So for people who are more on the video production side of things and lack in the motion graphics department should definitely check this site out.

They offer plugins for Motion, After Effect, and C4D. The beautiful thing about plugins for Motion is that they also work with Final Cut Pro. There are many other sites out there that offer plugins but this one is on a much higher level. It will save any video specialist a lot of time in the motion graphics department.

3. TheCineCity.com

Have you ever stopped and wondered how people get such beautiful motion shots in a movie that you love? Chances are that they were using a fancy jib, crane, or a dolly. Well, this website has it all. They have cranes, DSLR camera rigs, lights, monitors, camera stabilizers, matte boxes and so much more.

What makes this site different from other camera equipment stores is the cost. It’s a site that is made for independent filmmakers. All of their equipment is much easier on the wallet than anything you’ll find on a Hollywood movie set. If you want to add some more firepower to you arsenal, I highly recommend this site!
Agency Entourage can do more than just video for your business. We are a full-service marketing agency that would love to talk with you about helping you with an effective marketing campaign. For more information feel free to contact us or give us a call at 214.414.3035.


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