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Instagram is becoming more popular post-by-post, day-by-day so how do you make sure that your Instagram will gain followers and likes? Well, having an eye for photography definitely (I mean definitely) doesn’t hurt the situation, but dissecting what makes a good insta a good insta can help you make the most out of your Instagram. Rack these tips and tricks for building an Instagram strategy somewhere in the back of your head and unpack them when it’s time to sit down and create a picture perfect plan.

Things to remember:

1. One of the most important aspects of Instagram to remember is that it is an application for PHOTOGRAPHY. It’s a platform to show art, not a place to post meaningless photos.


2. Overflowing a feed might be one of the most annoying acts committed on Instagram. If you have multiple photos that really illustrate an event you went to, or something you like to share, it’s better to take your time to edit the photos and post them as a collage rather than photo after photo. One photo edited well is better than five photos that haven’t been very thought out and just posted for the heck of making it “live.” QUALITY over QUANTITY is something you definitely want to keep in mind.

3. When using Instagram for a business, you account should be the best it can. Each photo should be thought out and have some artistic aspect to it. It should incorporate strategic practices transparently.  For example, along with irrelevant photos, adding too many hashtags can make an Instagram look desperate. Just like your photo, your caption should also be well thought out. Whether your business has a witty personality or more serious tone, your Instagram (and hashtags) should mirror your brand personality.

4. Your Instagram should have unanimous feel and look to it. Consistently posting great photos is a great way to gain likes and followers because followers know what to expect. The style of your photo (angle, lighting, filter etc) should be instantly recognizable by the follower. It should be unique enough for followers to go through a feed and say to themselves “Oh, that’s _ Instagram.” MstetsOnDesign and Agiasidi both do a great job of creating a distinctive and familiar feel to their Instagram profiles.


Here are few questions to ask yourself before you post an Instagram:

1. Is this the best way you could capture the event/ lunch outing/ meal/ office meeting?

Tips for taking the best photo:

i.     Set the scene: Much of the art of photography lies in waiting for moments to happen. But this is not the passive affair that you might think. Most pros spend much more time planning what they’re going to shoot then they do actually taking the pictures. Of course, few of us can devote an entire day to setting up a single shot, but simply finding an interesting scene and then waiting for something to happen inside it can pay big dividends. The next time you see a background or foreground element that catches your eye, take the camera out and wait for something even more interesting to happen within the frame. – Forbe’s Five Quick Tips for better Instagram Photos



ii.     Use an app: Sometimes using an extra filter or editing app is necessary. A lot of great Instagrams we see have used multiple photo editing apps to make the photo look great. Camera + and Aviary are great options if you are looking for a photo editing app.


 iii.  Food Photography: Shots from above a table are the best way to photograph food. Surrounding table objects also make a picture. Take a look at Sprouted Kitchen’s Instagram for inspiration to try at your next Instragram-worthy AE lunch outing and read 5 Easy Instagram Tips from Food Photographers.

2. Is there some artistic value to the photo or are you just taking the photo to show your location?

3. Are you in a hurry? If so save the photo for later when you have time to properly edit it. (With the new savvy photo-editing app you downloaded, of course.)

4. Is this a photo you would stop to like or read the caption? If you have any doubt then the photo is probably a pass.

5. Once again it is a photography platform, so ask yourself is it a good photo (lighting, angle, image quality, setting, colors in photo etc)

If your brand is looking to create an Instagram strategy to compliment your marketing plan, Agency Entourage is a digital marketing agency that can help build your brands awareness and online presence. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to put you on the right track!

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