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Is your writing bland and boring? Stop writing stale content. Check out some of our tips for writing better copy:

Write Things People Want to Read

Providing your audience with content they actually want to read is critical for the success of a brand’s digital audience. Quality outweighs quantity when it comes to producing content for your audience.

Use an Active Tone

Nothing is more boring than reading something that is written in a non-active voice. Craft your copy to read as if what you’re writing about is happening RIGHT NOW. Using the active voice increases the likelihood that the reader will actually read the next sentence and generally creates a more personal reading experience.

Say it Shorter

Have you ever received an email or attempted to read a blog that looked like a giant wall of copy? I have, and it sucks. Content like this is a waste of time for the writer and overwhelming for the reader. Never produce content like this. The only thing it will accomplish is confusing your audience.

If you can convey your four-paragraph point or pitch in a single sentence– do it.

Headlines Help

Every blogger should use headlines. Headlines make the copy you’re writing skimmable for the reader. If you’re writing digital content, headlines will actually help your search engine optimization too.

Engage the Audience

Make sure you engage the reader throughout your content. Doing this increases the chance that your audience will go out of the way to seek out more of your content (social media, older blog posts etc…).

The best way to engage a reader is to make it seem like you are having a conversation with a single person, not your entire audience. The easiest ways to do this is to simply ask questions and use personal pronouns.

Always end your writing with a call to action. Are you interested in making your brand’s online identity fresher? Give Agency Entourage a call today and find out how we can help your brand grow.

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