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 In ae-ideas, Meet The Entourage

Travis Settelmayer: The Poet that Knows It

Accomplished among alliteratives,

Eloquently elongating epistles. 

I am a writer by day, 

And a poet by night. 

Born under the stars, 

Trained by water for years.

My roots are in the Golden State, 

And thrived amidst the Golden Gators. 

Animated ambitious achievement, 

Earnestly exploring existence. 

Twenty-two tire rotations, 

I stopped in the Lone Star State. 

With love to express ideas, 

And an appetite for tortillas, 

I felt a warmth in DFW cities 

I saw my future into my sixties. 

Aesthetically advertising agendas, 

Earnestly entertaining enterprises. 

My passion settled in the office,

Helping companies express their voice. 

Messaging, tone, and assistance

I offer services with consistence. 

Crafting clients into titans of industry,

I vividly design brand imagery. 

Authentically aspiring authorship,

Engineering effective expressions.

After hours my time is spent, 

Over pen and paper bent. 

Lakers, 9ers, and Ducks

I follow from ball to puck. 

I am joining the AE team,

And it feels as if I live a dream.

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