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I first heard about Agency Entourage my junior year at Southern Methodist University in a social media marketing course. Our professor showed us a video of the work Agency Entourage was doing and I was instantly impressed. When I had the opportunity to interview with the full service digital marketing agency in January, I was thrilled.  After being notified that I received the opportunity as an intern, I knew I would be learning a lot about digital marketing and interactive media.

Throughout college I have interned at a few other places, and boy did I learn that cubicles and I do not go hand-in-hand. Besides the fact that the working environment at Agency Entourage does not include cubicles, this has been the best learning experience I have had as an intern. Thankfully retrieving coffee, scanning, faxing and running errands were not in the cards for me at Agency Entourage.

As an Agency Entourage intern I gained a hands on experience in the world of digital marketing. With a background in fashion and enthusiasm for blogging, Agency Entourage made an effort to channel my interest and incorporate it throughout my internship. After a few days on the job, I began working on projects for shopping center clients. Writing blogs, creating social posts and drafting newsletters became my duty for the agency and I learned so much about digital marketing. For the majority of blogs I was able to create content based on the voice and objectives of the client. Targeting a voice for specific audiences was something I learned to perfect throughout my internship. I typically have a witty voice when writing blogs of my own, and I sometimes had to tailor my tone and choice of words to fit the audience I was trying to attract.

Not only did my work make my internship enjoyable, but so did the atmosphere of the office. Large group working tables, comfy chairs and amazing people all made coming to work easy and fun. Every employee seemed to truly enjoy their job and we were able to talk freely about work or what not (i.e what we thought of Justin Timberlake’s new album). I also had the opportunity to sit in on a client meeting, which really helped me get a feel for what the client expects from us. We discussed future events and changes they wanted for upcoming marketing plans. I enjoyed this because I was able  to engage with the client.

Overall my experience at Agency Entourage has been amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better internship and better people to work with and everyone was extremely nice and accommodating. They took sincere interest in my time as an intern, which made my learning experience something I can take with me to any job.

Do you think you have what it takes to join the Agency Entourage intern team? Check out the out the requirements and responsibilities and send your resumé to internships@agencyentourage.com. Also be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more information and engaging content.

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