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At Agency Entourage, an Internet marketing agency in Dallas, Texas, we recently learned that more than 100 million people actively use Twitter. 100 MILLION. That’s a lot!

But, our clients need to know more. Who are these Twitter users? What do they like? What type of information will engage them? So, we dug a little further and found a recent Pew Internet Study that looked at how Twitter has grown and who uses the wildly popular social site.

Pew found that 15 percent of adults using the Internet are also using Twitter. This number has doubled in the last year. That tells us as an Internet marketing agency that it is increasingly important for our clients to be tweeting for their business!

So, what are some characteristics of Twitter users? Pew found a few interesting facts:

  • 14 percent are male and 15 percent are female
  • 26 percent are between the ages of 18 to 29
  • 19 percent live in urban areas (like Dallas) and 14 percent live in suburban areas

While these cool facts help us understand who is using Twitter, they don’t tell our clients how to use tweets to build their businesses. So, we want to give three tips to successfully implement Twitter into your business social media marketing plan.

1) Build A Profile

Optimize your profile with keywords and a custom background. You may need to get help for this one, which Agency Entourage provides services like keyword research and custom design elements.

2) Ask Questions

Don’t just push out information about your business. You want to engage all of those users, not bore them. So, ask them questions and see what they say!

3) Tweet Back

When your followers respond to your questions or tweet at you with comments and questions of their own, tweet back to them. Twitter offers you an excellent way to have conversations with your customers. Allow that conversation to grow by responding to your followers!

If you need help jumpstarting your business on Twitter, or just want to learn how to do it better, then check out Agency Entourage, an Internet marketing agency with proven success in growing the online communities of our business clients.

Do you use Twitter? What successes have you seen when using this social media platform? Share with us below!

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