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St Patricks Day, Downpatrick (15)

St Patricks Day, Downpatrick (15) (Photo credit: Machine Made)

It’s that time of the year again. The time when people raid their closets for anything and everything green and head to Greenville Ave. for the St. Patty’s Day Parade in Dallas. We all know that closets aren’t the only thing being raided-liquor cabinets are being rummaged through as well. This means that driving yourself should not be an option. Lucky for you, the parade’s newest sponsor is none other than Uber! In celebration of this sposorship, Uber has some fun things planned for St. Patty’s enthusiasts:

Host a LuckyUberParty: It’s simple! Enter your St. Patty’s Day party details and Uber will send you a code that you can share with all of your guests to get them to and from the rager safely. Each new Uber user will get a free ride to wherever they are going. Also, one lucky host will win some Uber swag for all of their party guests, making the deal even better!

#LuckyUberDal: Need a ride at some point this week? Request a ride with Uber and test your luck to see if you win a pot of (chocolate) gold and a free ride! If you are one of those who have the luck of the Irish, Uber is asking you to share the love by using #LuckyUberDal on social media.

Parade Swag: Uber will have a tent set up where you can stop by and grab some freebies. Who can say no to that?!

Drink some green beer, eat good food, and enjoy yourself this weekend. Remember, whether you’re crashing a party or going home to crash, don’t forget to use Uber for your transportation needs!

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