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Kevin Allocca

Those working for an online marketing agency often ask, what makes videos go viral? Let’s ask YouTube’s Trends Manager, Kevin Alloca. The answer might surprise you! And it teaches a lesson about all social media management.

Did you know that 48 videos are uploaded each minute to YouTube. Yes, every minute! That’s about two days worth of video content. So, why do certain videos fly into stardom while others go virtually unnoticed? Kevin goes in depth about this in this talk, but we’re going to focus on just one aspect. For more, watch the whole video.

Tastemakers, as Kevin refers to them (also known as opinion leaders), are those who find new and interesting things and share them with a larger audience like celebrities, public figures or our friends. And we share those new and interesting things on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, blogs or any social media platform available.

This is the most crucial argument Kevin makes. The number of views a video has begins to exponentially increase when the video begins being tweeted or showing up on Facebook news feeds. It’s the collaboration of all these social media avenues that allow information to instantly be shared around the globe, and instantly become a smash hit.

An important lesson for any online marketing agency or person involved in social media management is that it is not enough to just post a video, or any content. You have to focus on getting the right people to not only see it, but also share it with their friends and followers.

As one of the top Dallas advertising agencies, this is what Agency Entourage does every day. We strategically find followers and fans who are interested in our clients’ content and we write clear calls to action in order to promote that content being shared across the social community.

Viral videos represent a shift in our culture. We no longer consume media; we participate in it. We share that which entertains us with others, through Facebook, through Twitter, through any social media platform available. The interconnectivity of the world through social media is what allows a viral video, content, or message to become, well, viral.

So the next time you have a message worth spreading, call a top Dallas advertising agency, Agency Entourage at (214) 414-3035 and check out our entire list of offerings. For more about what makes a video go viral, check out Kevin’s whole talk.

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