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Mark Zuckerberg @ f8

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With the introduction of new verbs on Facebook, advertisers are now able to get to know their target audience a little better as well as find out how their products are being used. Rather than just liking something, Facebook has added verbs like watch, listen, read, etc. It has to make you wonder, how will this change the power of online marketing for businesses?

Accompanying the new verbs is the timeline, which recreates your profile and puts everything you’ve done into chronological order. Together the changes will allow marketers to see what places you’ve visited, types of food you’ve eaten, books you’ve read and even the movies you’ve seen. As the web grows, people will become less private and more open about sharing personal information like this. However the more active you become online, the easier it will be for specific companies to target their products towards you.

In the past, marketers would target an audience based on their likes, gender, age, location and education. Now that users are able to use different verbs, these same marketers can target a more specific audience based on what they’re watching, listening to, reading, etc. This will allow marketers to produce more effective marketing campaigns that ultimately produce better results when it comes to promoting products on Facebook.

The introduction of the new verbs will have a tremendous effect on how we share information online. With over 800 million users, Facebook continues to grow both technologically and in numbers. What else can we expect to see from this social media powerhouse in the future?

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