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Hispanics in the U.S. live as bystanders to a constant battle surrounding them between Spanish English or Spanglish, but are they aware of the struggle?  What about the actual struggle they face every day when they are asked to choose a side?

While there are some Hispanics that live in a completely bilingual world, there are those few abuelas and recent immigrants who are still rooted deeply in their Spanish ways. We live in a period of transition and it is risky to simply “pick a side” as a marketer or create a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We know that. However, if the data says most Hispanics prefer to navigate online in English, but listen to Spanish radio or prefer some of one language over the other but use both, things can get confusing!

Define Tu Target

Before you pick the wrong side in the battle, define who you want to talk to and create specific strategies that cater to their demographics and language preferences.

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I remember one day I was listening to the Spanish radio as I was driving to work in the morning and after a couple of minutes I realized the ads where using both Spanish and English. Because my brain is completely bilingual, I did not pick up on the difference until after quite some time and this happens to all of those Hispanics who fit my level of acculturation. So, put yourself in that target’s shoes and think about how that person will perceive your message. Did I like that ad better because it was in both languages? Not necessarily, but it sure made me notice it.

Stay True To Your Marca

Give your brand the voice that it would have if it was a person. If your brand is a professional banking institution don’t try to sound trendy by using Spanglish but rather focus on using professional Spanish to communicate who your brand is. On the opposite end, if you see your brand as a young, vibrant brand then think about how that audience communicates and get into the conversation without sounding like a dictionary.

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