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These days, it’s not uncommon to find companies with a “too-casual” or “too-local” name. And though this is true for many businesses, some laid-back company names can actually cause more harm than good. For example, have you ever seen a shopping center that had a really confusing name? Maybe it was named after the street it was on and you couldn’t tell the difference between the shopping center and the rest of the retail shops on that street. We’ve seen this kind of thing happen before and, if people can’t tell the difference between your shopping center and the surrounding retail shops then you’re sure to have some difficulty promoting your center online.

Street Sign

Photo by How I See Life

One of our clients actually considered renaming their entire property because they ran into this issue over a year ago. Although people were visiting this particular shopping center on a daily basis, the company wanted to use social media to engage with its consumers and generate even more traffic. However when it came to online promotions, customers had a hard time distinguishing our client’s property from the rest of the retail shops on the same street because the names were the same.

To help distinguish one from the other, we used tenant videos to personalize the shopping experience for customers. The plan was to ask each tenant a list of questions and record their answers. After each video had been recorded we did some light editing, uploaded the video to YouTube and shared it through various social media outlets. Once the videos became viral, people were able to view them and distinguish between our client’s property and the rest of the retail properties on that street. The videos also gave customers a chance to see what each shop looked like before even stepping foot on the property. This gave our client an edge over the competition and ultimately grew their fan base on Facebook and Twitter.

Although tenant videos can be quite useful in building a brand, we utilized them to help customers distinguish our client’s property from the rest of the surrounding area. What are some way’s you’ve used YouTube to promote your business online?


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