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Once you’ve implemented some best practices to your blog, make sure you haven’t overlooked your blog titles. Yes, the actual titles of your blog posts! Insignificant as it may seem, a post’s title can actually determine the success of your blog. So while the content of your blog is very important, don’t let its title go overlooked.

The title to your blog post is the first thing your readers will see. It’s also how search engines rank your blog so creating dynamic, SEO-friendly blog titles is a necessity. Technshare has a couple great articles about some the ways you can kick your titles up a notch.

First off, use the right keywords. Your blog post title will appear as a hyperlink on the search engine results page so its clicks will come from people seeing the words and phrases they have searched for. Incorporate what’s in the blog’s content, a few keywords and viola! You’ve got a title that maximizes SEO value.

You might be surprised how many readers you can get from a little humor, if done correctly. Try a play on words or something witty you came up with on your own and read it to someone before posting to get an honest response (and hopefully a laugh!)

It’s also important to let your readers know what they’re going to get out of reading your post so come up with a title that will reel them in and make the benefits of reading obvious. You could also similarly craft a title that is “breaking news.” Many readers want to read something about what’s going on in the world so they’re in the loop. If you keep up with top stories, especially in your industry,  your readers will find you more credible.

Lastly, offer your readers solutions based on what you know they want or need. Write a title that lets them know you’re offering an explanation or a way to fix a problem they may have. These kinds of posts could easily have a “How to…” title, which can be very effective in getting more readers as long as it’s based on what you think they want to learn.

The options for a good blog title are endless but consider some of these suggestions to get you in the habit of carefully choosing your titles. Just like the first impression you have when you meet someone, your blog title is the first impression your readers have of you so make it a good one!

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