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Tomorrow, Facebook is expected to make a big announcement regarding its news feeds. According to Mashable (as well as TechCrunch and PR Daily ), Facebook will begin to offer the option of multiple news feeds. This means that Facebook users will log in and be able to choose what their news feed consists of such as photos, music, news, videos or apps. Now you won’t be the one who hasn’t seen a top brand’s thought-provoking Facebook update because your feed was clogged with your friends’ new baby photos!

The new look of the news feed will “affect the ways brands do business on Facebook,” according to PR Daily. So while this option may finally silence those who constantly complain of all the Facebook “over sharers” clogging up their feed, it will be important that companies and brands with Facebook pages pay close attention to the changes and adjust accordingly. The adjusting may be necessary because brands and companies will want to ensure that their content is on target and relevant to their Facebook audience. After users are given the option of what their news feeds consist of, they will be spending more time looking at brand pages and could easily “unlike” you while they scan through their brand-focused feed.

Ideally, these changes should help social media marketers who assist with brands’ Facebook pages because users will now have the option of viewing a feed of solely brand updates and they’ll have more of an incentive to spend a longer amount of time doing so. In fact, one of Facebook’s main objectives with the news feed option is that Facebook users will be inclined to stay on the site longer because they will spend little to no time sifting through updates they don’t want.

“[Multiple feeds will] make it easier for users to sort through the heavy stream of information hitting news feeds, without hitting repeated content posted by friends. By giving members more categories to sift through, Facebook gives people a greater incentive to spend more time on the site,” said Samantha Murphy, Tech Reporter for Mashable.

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