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I’m handing over today’s blog duties to Vara, one of our outstanding interns here at Agency Entourage.  Not only does Vara get to sit across from me and critique my choice of music on Spotify, but she’s also getting loads of experience in developing social media strategies for our clients, blogging and creating email campaigns with subject lines that you can’t help but click on. Not only do we create great campaigns, but we do it in a creative and fun office setting. I asked Vara to talk a  bit about the workspace here and here’s what she had to say:


Really?! A fireman’s pole to move from floor to floor at Google, mandatory tea time at Airbnb, tiki inspired offices at PIXAR and winding slides at Red Bull?!Some may call this a bit excessive, but could a wacky,tricked out office really be the answer to providing a good work environment?

Advertising legend and Ogilvy & Mathers founder, David Ogilvy, simply states, “Make it fun to work at your organization. When people aren’t having fun, they seldom produce goodwill.”

Without a doubt, some of the most successful and innovative companies have taken this approach, and why not? With fun, there’s a feeling of camaraderie, there’s a feeling of confidence after being critiqued, there’s a feeling of being a part of a team rather just an employee, and most importantly there’s a feeling of joy when coming to work. Now how many people can say that?

When working in a competitive and fast-paced industry that evolves everyday, trying to stay on your creative toes can be hard. Mr. Ogilvy says, “If you ask me what’s our primary purpose, I would say that it is not to make the maximum profit, but to run our organization in such a way that our employees are happy. Everything follows from that- good work and good service to your customers.”

Gosh, that Ogilvy…he’s so darn smart. But so is that Ben Randolph!

As a Summer Intern at Agency Entourage, I can honestly say that this is one of the coolest work environments I’ve ever been in. This close-knit family of social media nerds–and I can call them that because that’s how comfortable I feel here– praise and rag on each other from everything work related to the music being streamed over the office’s AitTunes. The office digs at Agency Entourage more closely resembles a lounge than a place of business, filled with sleek, contemporary couches and chairs that employees can comfortably plop down and work from. And did I mention that Agency Entourage likes to party? I’ve eaten cake here at least 5 times.

It’s so much easier to be productive, creative, and happy with a good work culture. So take steps to make your office a fun and open environment in order to create a happy and productive staff. Be inspired by your industry to create themed offices like PIXAR or simply take a break in the day to let employees mingle and recharge.

So there’s no arguing that it makes sense. When you’re working with demanding clients and deadlines, continually pushing out creative and relevant content can be tough on the brain and body. With that being said, excuse me while I go eat cake.

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