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Until now it was assumed that gift cards were an impersonal gift and often used as a last resort but not anymore! It turns out that 89 percent of millennials actually want to receive gift cards from their family and friends this year, according to a survey taken by more than 400 millennials ages 18-28 which was just released by Blackhawk Network this month December 2013.

Is it safe to say that you have waited to get gifts for those hard-to-buy-for millennials on your list, hoping that eventually you will have a revelation on what to buy? Fret no more because we are here to help! We know its difficult to shop for digital marketing millennials, and you know exactly who were talking about: the young people at the table who are always on their phones during Christmas dinner, Instagramming their delicious holiday ham and fluffy mashed potatoes. Well, with exactly one week before Christmas, stop struggling on what to get them! This year, a gift card is the answer!

Take a look at this cool infographic that shows some interesting statistics as to why Millennials think gift cards are the perfect gift!

Dont stress over what to get for the digital marketing millennials in your family! Gift cards are not only a simple solution, but are actually what they want! Millennials are very choosy and they hate having to return items, so make it easy on yourself and them by getting them a gift card to their favorite store. What is their favorite store? Take a look at the brands they follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and see who they engage with most. Chances are one look at their profile and youll be able to spot the right one!

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