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Instagram has officially announced new tools for businesses that will arrive in the next few weeks! These new tools will help you market to your target audience more efficiently and effectively. Here’s how Instagram is helping brands and marketers drive better results and why you should take note.


Create Strategic Ads Anywhere

One of the most exciting new features Instagram will launch in the next few weeks is mobile ad creation. With just a few taps on your smartphone you’re able to turn well-performing posts into paid advertising or create an entirely new ad. This tool gives marketers unprecedented flexibility when creating ad campaigns for Instagram.

This mobile ad creation tool does have some trade-offs, however. What you gain in ease and speed, you give up in detail and customization. Using the desktop ad creation tool you’re able to take advantage of more detailed features such as targeting a specific list of email addresses or setting up tracking pixels. That being said, you still have access to tools on mobile to define and save custom audiences using data based on gender, age, location, and even interests.

Turn Taps into Store Visits

In every business’s profile there will be an opportunity to display a contact button. When users visit your Instagram profile, they can tap the contact button to easily call, email or get directions to your business location. 50% of Instagram users follow a business and 60% use the social media platform to learn about products and services. Now, consumers have an easier, direct way to take a desired action.

Insights that Provide Value

The current analytics for Instagram performance available to businesses are sparse to say the least. Aside from determining the monthly like, comment, and follower gain, there’s nothing that dives deeper to produce actionable intelligence. In the next few weeks, the analytics Instagram provides will be completely overhauled.

Marketers will now be able to see important metrics such as impressions, reach, and engagement at an account level for all organic (free) posts. Paid campaigns will enjoy the same analytical detail and more.

Instagram is Mobile First

While these business tools are a dream come true for brands and marketers, the icing on the cake is that all of this is accessible on your mobile device. Managing and monitoring campaigns has never been easier. Given these new tools and the rich, varied audiences on Instagram, there’s no longer any excuse to ignore the social media giant.

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