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Agency Entourage Pinterest

Being an early adopter of Pinterest myself, I’m absolutely in love with this social media phenomenon.  What many brands have noticed is that quite a few people, say, more than 10 million, love it as well. In light of this, Pinterest released their own internal analytics a week ago allowing brands to create a sound strategy around their pinning like never before. It give brands a better method for the pinning madness, if you will.

In case you weren’t convinced before, the new analytics prove that Pinterest is the place to be. I think the best take away from this is that the platform is growing along with its users. With the recent creation of the business profile and now the launch of their own analytics; brands are talking and Pinterest is listening.

Similar to what we do at Agency Entourage, it’s evident that Pinterest is rolling with the demands and trends of the industry. This allows them to better serve users and consumers. This is very important in every aspect of the digital world, especially the online marketing world.

Have you joined Pinterest? Tell us how you like it in the comments below or on Facebook. Don’t forget to follow Agency Entourage on Pinterest also!

Pinterest has become a powerful social media tool and if your brand isn’t utilizing this social media platform, you may be missing out. If you’re looking to create the perfect Pinterest strategy for your brand, contact Agency Entourage, a full-service marketing agency based in Dallas, to get a team of social media experts working on your strategy today!

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