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Live-tweet (v.): to engage on Twitter for a continuous period of time—anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours—with a sequence of focused Tweets.

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 So you’ve built your Twitter following, but you’re just not sure where exactly it is that you’re taking them yet. Mixing in a live tweeting experience into your next event is a great way to keep Twitter followers engaged and spread quality content in real-time. Live tweeting during an event is a chance to boost your tweet’s visibility, keep followers current and make them truly feel like part of a community. When done correctly you’ll see an increase in engagement, @ mentions and retweets.

A few thing to remember before creating your first live tweeting experience:

  • Create an easy to use hashtag
    You’ll need to create a unique hashtag specifically for your event to include with each of your tweets. This will allow Twitter users to easily classify tweets related to your event. Twitter users can then use your hashtag to jump in on the conversation or search other tweets about your event. Create a hashtag that is easy to remember and no longer than eight characters.
  • Paint the picture for your followers
    Helping your audience visualize the experience of being at your event is an important part of creating a well-rounded live tweeting experience. Upload photos to a few of your tweets during the course of your event.
  • Space out your tweets
    There aren’t any rules to how many times you can tweet during your event, but remember that you don’t want to flood your follower’s timelines by sending an overwhelming amount. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 15 minutes pass between tweets.

Live tweeting an event is an effective way to publicize an event, connect with Twitter followers, grow your reach and gain more followers. For more information on how Dallas ad agency, Agency Entourage can help make your next event socially savvy connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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