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The Hispanic presence in the United States is well known among marketers and there is a rush to advertise “Se Habla Español” in commercials, add Spanish customer service capabilities, and cultivate a Hispanic friendly brand. However, the Hispanic market landscape is very complex and marketers should take caution in generalizing their approach to this segment.

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First of all, you should study different acculturation levels within the Hispanic population. Some Hispanics are recent immigrants or long-time residents who have not assimilated to the American culture and barely speak English, while others calling themselves “Hispanic Americans” may be second or third generation Hispanics born in the United States who barely speak any Spanish. The landscape is so broad that it is important to study your brand carefully and build a specific persona for your target Hispanic customer. Determine demographic characteristics for your target such as age, income, and education and then narrow it down with psychographics such as interests, attitudes, and assimilation.

Once you have built this persona and considered where they fall in the stages of assimilation, you will be able to craft and deliver a relevant message in the right language. For example, if I have concluded that my target customer is the 18 to 25-year-old Hispanic who was born in the United States or has lived here for at least 10 years, I could consider delivering a message in English through Spanish media comchannels. Also, with the extensive targeting capabilities we have access to through digital, it is very easy to get your message to the right person. It is all just a matter of finding the human benefit that sells your brand to that consumer and communicating it appropriately so that it is more personable and distinguishable.

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