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If you are working with a new website or with an agency, you may have come across the question of whether you should choose WordPress or Drupal as the Content Management System (or the backbone) for your site. While there is a general preference among digital strategists for WordPress, consider what is important for your site and whether or not your blog will play an important role for your brand.

Start with the good things Agency Entourage has to say about both platforms:

WordPress Pro:

“Wordpress is the easiest content management system I have ever worked with. Dropping in, resizing and arranging images is seamless in Wordpress. No headaches here!” (Stephanie Arbetter, Interactive Producer)

Drupal Pro:

“In theory, you can customize the formatting more than you can in WordPress and if you understand development, it’s more customizable in general.” (Megan Foreman, Copywriter)



  • Easy to manage and no technical experience necessary
  • Great for experts as well as newbies
  • Copy and paste from Microsoft Word
  • Numerous tutorials available
  • Add-ons like Yoast make it easy to manage SEO
  • Broad selection of themes for “do-it yourselfers”


  • Can do almost anything in terms of development for your blog
  • Made to adapt to complex websites
  • Clean look
  • Better security due in part to the smaller community of users
  • Allows for multiple stakeholders for the site (admin, editors, private groups, etc…)
  • Great features for multi-lingual and multi-national sites



  • Harder to customize and focused on a standard structure
  • Easier for hackers to access since hundreds of sites use this CMS
  • Have to mess with php for responsive image design


  • Takes a learning curve to post blogs
  • Better for experts or those with some development background
  • Text can get jumbled up if copied from Microsoft Word
  • Less number of features and themes available

If you are still stuck between the choice of WordPress or Drupal let us know! Give Agency Entourage a call at 214-414-3035 and let us help you make the best decision for your new website.

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