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A couple members of our AE family enjoying a happy hour with Ad2Dallas

Here at Agency Entourage, we take our fun just as seriously as we take our work. The phrase, “work hard, play harder,” has never been more accurate. To ensure we’re always seeking opportunities to celebrate, impact the community and inspire one another as a team, we’ve officially established the AE Committees. Take a look at the different committees below:

Team Building Committee

The networking, local outing, Ranger game attending committee! These people are responsible for coming up with fun things for the team to participate in, whether it’s to foster new relationships in DFW or encourage a strong, positive team mentality.

Volunteer Committee

The “make the world a better place” committee. These individuals will be cooking up ways we can impact the Dallas community whether it’s by contributing our time or talents to different organizations seeking help, such as donation drives and soup kitchens.

Holiday Committee

The “celebrate any random holiday because it’s a holiday somewhere” committee. These people are dedicated to planning fun and innovative ways to celebrate anything from Thanksgiving to Dance Like A Chicken Day (yes, that’s an actual holiday).

Employee Committee

The “let’s celebrate because we’re all awesome and doing cool stuff” committee. These people recognize their coworkers for different achievements in the workplace and their personal lives, including birthdays, work anniversaries and personal milestones.

Wellness Committee

The “get moving because we sit in a chair 8 hours a day” committee. These people encourage the AE team to actively pursue a healthy lifestyle by sharing anything from low-calorie recipes to signing our agency up for a 5k fun run!

We think it’s important at Agency Entourage to continue cultivating personal relationships by seeking opportunities to spend time celebrating or just hanging out with one another. What fun things do you do at work? Tell us on Twitter at @AgencyEntourage!


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