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A few weeks ago Instagram announced a video feature that allows you to record video and add filters to it, as well as stabilize it. Now that the app has had a little time to mature, they’ve added a few features that make shooting Instagram Videos a pleasure. You can now shoot Instagram videos in landscape mode, which means that you can capture a wider angle of view for a more professional look.

We’ve blogged about the importance of holding your phone horizontally when taking video in the past, but if you’ve forgotten, here’s a refresher:

One important thing to remember while shooting video on your phone is that you must hold your phone horizontally. Look at these two videos that we shot at the Agency Entourage office today:

Lauren (left) and Jonathan (right)

Which one gives you more visual information? Obviously, the one with Lauren. It gives you a great view of her surroundings and mimics the way we watch film – in widescreen. The one with Jonathan eliminates almost 60% of the video from the frame!

I tested out the new feature during a birthday surprise for Nathan at the office (excuse the bad singing!):

In addition, the Cinema stabilization feature is now available for the front facing camera, making it even easier to get the perfect video – no matter where you are.

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