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Other MessagesFacebook is infamous for choosing what content its users want to see for them. But while you might be familiar with this process on your News Feed, did you also know that some of your Facebook Messages are hidden from you and do not show up in your notifications?

Some of these messages might be rightly ignored, but if you do not know how to check them there is no way to know.

To check your hidden messages, go to your Messages Center by choosing the “See More” link at the bottom of your New Messages menu at the top left of your Facebook screen. When the messages center opens, you will see all of the messages that Facebook has shown you to date. However, if you notice under the highlighted “Messages” section on the left sidebar, there is a link called “other”. Choose this option and see all of the “other” messages Facebook has decided you didn’t need to see.

Some you might want to ignore. But others might have special offers and information from pages that you wanted to hear from but hadn’t.

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