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The headline may come off as sounding a bit strange, but according to recent research, the proof is in the pudding. I’ve started to use our Agency Entourage blog to tackle many of the questions we as content marketers face on a regular basis. My latest dilemma lies within one glaring question: Do people engage with your content because of quality or rather because you were creative and strategic enough to attract them to click on your link?

If your knee-jerk reaction is that people read your content because of the quality, it might be time to reevaluate. You could have the most entertaining, engaging and fascinating article on the art of underwater basketweaving, but if you don’t market it the way people will engage, you have done yourself a grave disservice. Liken it to the perfect birthday present. What if you put a shiny new ring in the gift pile and wrapped it in a brown paper bag? It would surely be the last gift to be opened, if opened at all. I like to use little metaphors like that to remind myself that your blog is only as strong as your promotion efforts and that you want to attract people to the content upon first glance.

Back to the research I referred to earlier. You can essentially boil down content marketing to a list of 20 words that are sure to convert your larger audience to become readers. Unsurprisingly, ‘YOU’ ranks #1. Think about big-time action words and you will find yourself on the path to performance, if my headline tells you anything. Words like increase, grow, compare, fast and exclusive rank as well.

Lastly, KISS means more than Keep It Simple, Stupid. Remember to Keep It Short too! 8 words or less get 21% more clicks. This goes for the headline and anywhere else you share your content.

If you have ANY questions about the art of blog engagement, conversion, copywriting or more, reach out to some of the most competent digital strategists in Dallas at Agency Entourage. We don’t put rings in brown bags, we wrap our blogs the right way. Call 214-414-3035 for more of our exclusive information.

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