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In the past AgencyYour Best Bloggers Are All Around You. Entourage has expressed how to save time when writing your blog and one of the ideas was to incorporate a guest blogger. It can be difficult to find a blogger with the expertise and time to write a post for you but you don’t always have to look for a big name blogger for a guest post. Look within your own business or even toward your own customers.

It might be beneficial to have an employee post a blog once a month. There is down time in many businesses which can be spent crafting a simple post explaining your business’ brand, new offerings or upcoming events. This wouldn’t take much time and it might even help your employees to become more engaged and knowledgeable about their product.

Take, for example, the host position or greeter of a restaurant. They stand at the door and coordinate reservations and seating and are the first people to meet the customer. Who better to write a blog? They are greeting your customers in the physical world so why not have them greet your customers in the online world? Have them spread your message to potential customers out in the blogosphere.

Your business might not be in food service but the ideas can be translated to any business.

A blog can also be a great place to test the waters with a new product or service. In a restaurant, a chef can test out new recipes and ideas before ever serving them. He can post a blog asking about what improvements customers would like to see or what items they would like to have added to the menu and which ones they wouldn’t mind seeing go. This is also another way to reach out to customers and test the waters on any new offerings.

Speaking of customers, they could be potential guest bloggers as well. They have a unique insight of your business and their unbiased opinion can be very valuable to readers. If you have a regular customer that would be willing to write a few paragraphs then consider giving them the chance. Your customers can be wonderful representatives of your business.

Again, these ideas can be transferred to all types of businesses. Firefighters can blog about safety precautions while waiting for their next call and retailers can explain new products while waiting for customers to come through the door. Whatever your business, use all of your resources to put out your blog. You never know, the best writer might be right under your noise.

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