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YouTube annotations are an often-ignored feature of the largest video hosting site on the web. We’ve all seen them – a little transparent box that pops up to remind you to subscribe to the channel or gives more information about the video playing. However, many people don’t know that you can use annotations to create interactive YouTube videos.

Take this new Skittles ad, for instance.


At the end of the video you’re presented with options to select different “endings” to the ad – sort of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story, but with video. That’s not all you can do with annotations, you can also:

  • Link to other videos in a series. In our “Digital Playbook” series, we used the last few moments of each video to link off to another video in the series, like this:
  • Keep the video up-to-date. Information often changes months and even years after the video has been published.  Instead of editing the video and reuploading it (losing all of your views, comments and likes), there are many ways to tastefully inform the viewer that the information on the video has changed since it was originally published.
  • Create a video game! One great example of YouTube annotations done right is this hilarious (and extensive) fan-made Saved By The Bell video game that takes you on adventures with Zack, Jessie, Kelly and Screech.

Utilizing YouTube annotations to create fun, engaging videos is a method that many brands, big and small, are using. If you’d like to take your videos to the next level with YouTube annotations, give Agency Entourage a call at 214.414.3035.

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