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Are you are a business trying to bring in more leads?

Are you an aspiring singer/YouTube celebrity/contestant on The Voice?


You’ll find that if you give your YouTube videos a little extra attention with these easy steps, you can bring in much more organic views than you anticipated.

Organic views are views that occurred as the result of a search bar entry (and, thus,  click on your video which appeared in the results).


1. Before you upload the video, rename the original file so that it includes relevant keywords.

(For example, if I owned a plumbing company, I might title a video, FindAPlumberInIndianapolis.mov)

This way, if a user was using Google and not YouTube for their search , there is a good chance that, if they live in Indianapolis, my YouTube video promoting my services will show up in their Google search result pages.


2. Use targeted keyword or keyword phrase in the title of the video. 

Make sure that these keywords are located within the first 66 characters. You can use sites like Letter Count to check.

Titles should be short and catchy. (Think attention getting email subject line.)

For businesses,  I recommend taking advantage of the YouTube Keyword Tool .

Much like the Google Keyword Tool, it is a great method for generating transactional search queries relative to the product or service you provide. (“advertising agency in dallas” “window washers in Houston” etc.)


3. Provide a description.

Just like a meta description (the text appearing below a search result that describes the page), users prefer a short summary describing the website they are about to visit, or in this case, the video they are about to watch.

Keep in mind that before a user clicks “See more” within the description box, only about 22 words appear so choose your intro sentence wisely.


Have these steps mastered? Check back for part two!



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