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Facebook just rolled out a new feature that’s sure to even get Jason Priestley’s attention. Well, maybe not so much. I mean,  I’m not sure how social media savvy “Brandon Walsh” is, but moving forward if marketers want to target Brandon and his pals in the 90210 zip directly, they can do just that.

Facebook ads now allow you to choose in which zip codes you want your ads to show up. This has huge implications  especially for small businesses that want to market to a very defined geographic area and larger brands that want to segment campaigns to be geographically sensitive. Increasing relevancy increases click-thru rates and that means results. A small business can stop wasting clicks on Facebook users who aren’t as likely to be potential patrons.

This new hyper-local targeting is allowing brands to ditch volume for quality when it comes to getting Facebook face-time with their most engaged and relevant consumers. Until now, Facebook ads has only allowed marketers to target consumers based on their city, state, province or country. While these geo boundaries are very useful and wide-sweeping, they’re not nearly as niche as zip code targeting which literally allows you to break down your reach to very defined areas.

For example, if a car dealership located on the north side of a major metropolitan area is using Facebook ads, it may be safer to only target those in the northern  zip codes of that city. Targeting ads by zip code, instead of casting a broad net over the entire city, could prevent the spending of frivolous Facebook pay-per-click dollars and help garner the attention of those customers that are  more likely to buy.

What types of brands do you think benefit most from hyper local ad targeting? Will you use zip code targeting in your next Facebook ad campaign?



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