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How to Make an Infographic

Producing great content brings a quality audience to your website, but this isn’t enough to really make an impact in your industry. A great way to stand out and gain an even larger audience is to utilize visual marketing and create an infographic. Making a visual impact with a shareable item can take your brand further in less time than a report or press release. See below for a few tips on how to make an infographic:

1. KISS – It’s easy to get carried away, especially if you’ve been researching a plethora of compelling statistics for weeks. Just remember to include only the most important and relevant information.

2. Negative Space – Keeping with the KISS theory, negative space is a must to ensure the graphic is readable. Only graphically highlight the most important items.

3. Layout – Consider how the eye reads the graphics; top to down and left to right. Be sure that everything works together to create one cohesive image that allows the eye to effortlessly flow through the graphic.

4. Graphs – Be sure that all graphs, pie charts, etc. are accurate. The point is to use information that is already impressive and present it in a fun, more engaging way.

5. Share – Take advantage of this “shareable” item and do just that! Make the infographic easy to share by installing buttons and descriptions to ensure your brand gets credit and draws users back to your website.

For more information on how to create an infographic see below. If you need help crafting one for your brand, contact our team of creative strategists today!

Please include attribution to hubspot.com with this graphic.

Designing Effective Visual Communication Infographic

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