History into Beauty
Darling International | “I know my advertising is working”

The Brief

The current trends point to recycling and upcycling and even e-cycling, but this is old news to Darling International. Since the mid-1800s, Darling has been converting industrial waste into useful products, raw materials, and alternative fuels. Unfortunately, they’ve never received the credit they deserve. That’s why Darling turned to Agency Entourage to help with their green positioning.

The Solution

Agency Entourage developed a marketing strategy positioning Darling as a leading green company. The marketing campaign runs in trade magazines and appears in Darling’s sales collateral.

The Creative

The eye-catching print campaign juxtaposes industrial kitchen waste with the beautiful products and by-products produced with Darling’s involvement.

The Result

  • A quote from the client: “For the first time EVER, I know my advertising is working because I actually get some of the calls and they are quoting our ads!”