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A growing brand’s story is told through the analytics. At Agency Entourage, data tells us how to custom-tailor each client’s experience. That’s why we collect qualitative and quantitative data, transform this data into a clear and interesting story, and then use that story to inspire customers into action. Our experts use an array of resources to research and track what’s working, what isn’t working and what needs improvement. We use the best tools available to understand our clients’ problems and develop solutions.

Surround your brand with our entourage of experts

  • Develop data-driven marketing strategies for targeted campaigns
  • Partner in monitoring customer activity across a range of platforms
  • Report and analyze statistics
  • Manage customer retention, satisfaction and support
  • Build a loyal following of customers that love your brand

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    “We have always struggled with finding an agency that has a constant program with habitual value. In Agency Entourage, we found a marketing solution that features a professional, courteous and cordial team. Though the marketing industry is very competitive, major benefits of working with Agency Entourage are the good content value they produce which helps our brand stay relevant online.”

    David Cross | AAA AUGER | CEO


    One of the best digital marketing agencies. Officially.


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    • Austin Allen
      Austin Allen Senior Interactive Producer
    • Roz Theesfeld
      Roz Theesfeld Creative Director
    • Michael Haake
      Michael Haake Director of Digital Strategy

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